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Graded 'A' (Excellent) by Singapore Police Force

Security Industry

After September 11, Security has become a primary concern for many of us. Technologies have continuously been used to improve facilities and their security. Digital technology applications with surveillance equipment are also moving in rapidly. The growth in the security industry has made the service providers compete among themselves to provide an efficient and effective security system in Singapore. A total security solution consists of Physical Security, Electronic Security, Manpower Security and Procedural Security. None of these components can be compromised.
Threats That Are Commonly Faced Include

  House breaking and Theft
  Computer hacking
  Fire & Arson
Our Loss Prevention Officers

We train and impart knowledge (both theoretical and practical) to our security personnel. This will enable them to discharge their duties efficiently and effectively. All our security officers will be screened by the Security Industry Regulatory Department of the Singapore Police Force. Our security personnel are young and well disciplined. They are trained to be professional in performing their duties in accordance with each projectís standard operational procedures.
Our Mobile Patrol Service

Our Central Monitoring Station provides a fast response team with an island wide monitoring system.  

Our Strategic Security Plan & Threat / Vulnerability Assessment

Before undertaking any security project, our security consultants conduct a security survey and submit a comprehensive threat/vulnerability assessment report specific to our clientís needs. 
Security Operation Centres (24HRS)                          REFERENCES:

North Zone 6334 4555                                                                         Mamoru Singapore Pte Ltd
South Zone 6334 4666                                                                         Residence @ Killiney
East Zone 6339 9111                                                                         Seletar Country Club
West Zone 6339 9007                                                                         Sunway Concrete Products
Email:                                                 Swee hong Engineering

Our Security Officers collect personal information of visitors solely for security purpose.
 All information will be kept not more than three(3) years in accordance with Police Licensing & Regularitory Department (PLRD) guideline.


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