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Private Investigation
Most Qualified Private Investigator of Singapore

Matrimonial Cases Grounds For Divorce
Civil / Commercial Cases Family Violence
Criminal Cases Domestic Violence
Tracing of Missing Person Maintenance Of Children
Pre--employment checks Custody Of Child
Pre-marital checks Commercial Civil/Criminal Cases
Overseas Assisgment    
Various Undercover Operations and etc    

Our team of retired ex-police officers manages our Private Investigation Division with high integrity and strict confidentiality. We are one of the longest established private investigation agencies in Singapore.

We have been quoted by BBC and CNN as a “well organized and established agency in the world”. We have received numerous commendations and appreciations letters from our clients.

Family Law
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We collect personal information solely for investigation purpose and all information will be kept not more than three(3) years in accordance with Police Licensing & Regularitory Department (PLRD) guideline.

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