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Family Violence

Protection Against Violence  
Meaning of Violence - Section.64 WC
Physical Violence
Psychological Harm
Wrongful Restraint
Avenues Available To Victims  
Criminal law remedies under penal code.
Tort remedies at common law.
Civil law remedies (WC).

1. Criminal Law Remedies

* Not popular.
* Not practical.
* Insufficient protection for accused person.
* Slow Process.
* Police reluctant to be involved in domestic disputes

2. Tortious Remedies (INJUNCTION AGAINST):

* Battery
* Assualt
* False imprisonment
* Nuisance
* Trespass

3. Women's Charter Remedies

Available to any Family Member only to Married Person.
Section.65 (8) of Women's Charter
Fine of maximum S$2,000 or jail of 6 months or both
Second or subsequent convictions - fine S$5,000 or jail of 12 months or both

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